The Artist Smith A short history of a long career ! I started drawing at a very young age. My father was an artist and I used to watch him. I myself sold my first painting at the age of 14. I attended the University of Akron in Ohio for a time. I have worked doing art for role playing games, done t-shirt designs for K-mart, and have had just about every other kind of art related job there is.
Most of the artwork that I do is for the individual collector. I do murals, portraits and many other types of artwork. I enjoy fantasy, sci-fi and horror art the most and I have a huge passion for the art of Frank Frazetta. I would not have done this for so long if it was not for him.
In 2000 I lost most of the use of my right arm, which is my drawing arm. After a long rehab and a lot of trial and error I found that I can still do artwork. Iit looks a bit different than my older stuff, but at least I can do it.
I live on the Grand Strand of South Carolina with my wife of twenty years and my three children. we have a small zoo of animals at home.
I collect Creature from the Black Lagoon stuff and anything by Frank Frazetta.
I used to play instruments but can no longer do so. Now I just listen to music.
In my studio you will hear anything from Mozart to Metallica and beyond.
I also teach art to students. They are usually younger. I found they have a true desire to learn and are not set in their ways. I love the look on their face when they see what they have created.
I am constantly either drawing or painting at the studio.
I do almost any kind of artwork, except pornographic and sadistic stuff (yep, iv'e been asked several times).
I have a daughter who just graduated art school and now she helps me at the studio,  my oldest son also works at the studio when needed. He is great for poses.

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